The online Complete Tender Management Platform from CTM Solution provides companies and organisations with an out-of-the-box sourcing suite. It is a proven best-of-breed eSourcing platform for online tenders, online auctions and online contract management. Users will only require a browser and internet connection for use.

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Introduction to CTM

The CTM-platform is one of Europe’s leading solutions for electronic tender management and contract management. Companies using our platform have an easy to use, online, secure eSourcing solution that helps companies to be efficient, reduce costs, manage compliancy and have full control on their tenders and contracts.

The Complete Tender Management (CTM) solution for procurement and contract management is used in various configurations by over 6500 organizations within the EU and over 50,000 tenders per year are managed on the main platforms. More than 250,000 full tenders have been handled (from planning through contract) since 1999.

The solution is probably Europe’s most flexible solution, allowing bespoke configuration to organizational needs without programming. It also allows multiple configurations in a hierarchical model to cater for different sector needs and differences in needs by individual companies, e.g. large organisations typically have more requirements for more advanced role and security models allowing collaboration in some tenders and at the same time security sectioning for other tenders, while smaller organisations typically have ease of use as the primary preference. We call this a ‘Light’ and ‘Pro’ approach, even possible within the same organization.

The CTM platform is available in 9 languages and has local support in Denmark, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Holland while it has distributors and operators in an 8 EU Member States who market the solution or services based on CTM in their respective Member States. The Solution is developed by EU Supply PLC.

Information Security- and Quality Management System
Our extensive ISMS / QMS management systems:

ISO 27 001:2013 certified for all business processes
UK HMG IA based ISMS and risk assessment
Confidentiality, integrity and availability
Redundancy at all levels
DR within 1 hour in case of disaster
99.9% available since 2009
Quality Management System (QMS), based on ISO 9001:2015
Service Management System (SMS), based on ISO 20000-1:2011
Environmental Management System (EMS), based on ISO 14001

Our solution is well used all over Europe during the past eighteen years. CTM has been awarded the contracts for the delivery of National Public Procurement systems in Norway, Ireland, Lithuania, and on two major frameworks in the UK. We are also proud to have clients like:
• Sellafield Ltd, Magnox, LLWR, INS, NDA
• Swedish Rail, Trafikverket
• Sogn og Fjordane Energi, Agder Energi (as per utility sector/”forsyning” rules in Norway)
• Olje- og energidepartementet/Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
• Over 10 Ministries in the Netherlands including Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice & Security and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Danish Oil and Natural Gas, DONG
• Energinet Denmark

Extensive Procurement Suite
Complete Tender Management (CTM) is a comprehensive tool that allows tenders and contracts to be created, distributed and evaluated online. CTM makes the tendering process easier for both buyers and suppliers and covers the entire process from procurement planning, tendering to contract management. Tender Management is used by government organizations and general contractors in order to improve the efficiency of the tendering process. For those who respond to tenders, for example general contractors, sub-contractors, tender management simplifies and speeds up the process of formulating tender responses. You can add all of the necessary drawings, specifications, schedules, tender documents and other attachments to the Request for Tender you issue or receive. Buyers have access to a rich database of their chosen suppliers when issuing a Request for Tender. If appropriate, you can search for potential new suppliers, complete with pre-qualification details, from the supplier database. Suppliers are able to present information to initiating organizations at the time and place that purchasing decisions are made.

Complete Tender Management offers you the following advantages:
Saves time and money compared with traditional methods.
Improves the control of exchange and management of information.
Improves accuracy and uniformity throughout the tendering, quotation and contract process.
Reduces time wasted on low value administration.
Increases traceability and compliancy.
Web-based for easy access to information and work – anytime, anywhere.
Makes life easier for your suppliers.

CTM is a “best of breed” eSourcing platform to manage the end-to-end process for tender management and contract management. CTM is a proven platform available as a fully hosted “Software as a Service”. It only requires that users have a browser and internet connection. CTM is also available for hosting on a dedicated environment if so required. CTM is configurable to comply with organizational specific procedures. CTM offers an integrated, seamless end-to-end process for tender management available in a modular format:



Entity Management (EM)

Supplier setup, system administration, organizational hierarchies/group structures, flexible legal entity-economic operator alignments for individual tender responses, supplier vetting and approvals, light registration, full registration, vendor profiles and access controls.

Tender Management (TM)

eTenders, incl. procurement planning, resourcing, specification, tender invitation or publication (including to any national portals and OJEU), qualifications, evaluations, award, supplier response support, questionnaire libraries, notices and integration with eTenders. CTM includes the creation of the initial tender, publication on OJEU and national procurement sites, online supplier submissions, management of supplier responses including clarifications and updates, qualifications and structured evaluations based on Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) analysis or best price criteria, and award.

Auction Management (AM)

Management of e-auctions, including both best price and with non-price criteria, both forward auctions for sale of excess inventory/surplus and normal reverse auctions of multiple types.

Contract Management (CM)

e-Contracts, incl. creation of contracts, import of contracts, performance evaluations, management for suppliers, KPIs, sub-contracts, amendments, linking to SAP and other systems, management of multiple framework contracts, further competitions and call-offs.

Dynamic Reporting (DR)

Data Warehousing for CTM, dynamic reporting using SSRS with maintained role and security model, interfaces allowing plug-and-play building of own reports using Report Builder.

Contract Life Cycle Planning

Procurement and contract life cycle planning allows companies and purchasing organizations to set up their own milestones and associated lead time templates to automatically project forward completion dates, calculate milestones from specified target completion dates, determine roles, allow reporting of actual plans. All actual plans are automatically updated from events in the other modules used. There are interfaces to import plans from other tools, e.g. import of Shopping Carts from SAP SRM.

Flexible configuration, ease of use
CTM is probably the most flexible solution for tender and contract management globally. It is designed to be configurable online to each organization‘s procurement policies and procedures, which increases the ease of use and a stimulates quick adaptation for the end users.
Templates can be inherited from libraries of good practice configurations down to the desired group or organization and then configured to the specific requirements of that group or organization. Modules and even specific functionality can be switched on and off directly online at an organizational level, division level and even procedural level. This enables a high degree of adaptation to a wide range of procurement strategies and policies. The solution may be configured for particular ease of use for low value procedures and smaller organizations and with a few admin-clicks with more elaborate functionality for more complex procedures and bigger organizations. Even semantics and terminology can be adapted (e.g. RFQ, RFT, RFP and ITT may all be used for any standard procedures in different organizations).

A “hierarchical model” also allows CTM to be configured top down on central level, sector level, and then inherited through a hierarchy by linking and/or copying, and any procedures and other configurations may then be changed for each individual organizational unit if additional flexibility is desired. On a single platform instance, it is hence possible to set up a “central” level configuration for instance on corporate level, “operator” level configurations below this level, e.g. for sectors or groups, and at the lower level enable a high degree of flexibility and many benefits that would not be possible on “one type fit all” type solutions:
• Sharing of best practices, procedures, libraries of typical requirements per category on the buyer side (which can be selected by the customers at no or limited cost, not set by a fixed solution or change procedures with extra costs).
• Intelligent support for economic operators/bidders who for example will see pre-population of responses from one tender response to another.
• Flexible collaboration across different sets of organizations, while at the same time supporting each organizational unique needs and security in other tenders of their own.
• Choice whether to have more functionality, with any internal procedures, integrations or whether to mainly ensure ease of use with a minimum set of functions required.

Our Information Security Management System is compliant with ISO 27 001, and accredited to HMG IA IMPACT LEVEL 3:
• ISO 27 001 certified for all business processes. All support and hosting staff with any access are included in the security scope.
• Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Risk Profile agreed with HM Treasury security accreditors in accordance with HMG IA standards and aligned to requirements specific to eTendering system and services with significant aggregation of information.
• All Support Staff vetted in full compliance with HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard and CNIP Screening Guidelines. Additional screening applied to staff with access to information assets. No access provided to any third party.
• Annual penetration tests (OWASP and more) by independent accredited parties.
• Backups made “continuously” through live feed and data stored in a remote DR hosting Centre (also these assets accessible by staff only).
• Information Security Forum (ISF) meetings and improvements on a monthly basis.

Used and compliant across EU/ECC
CTM is used in various configurations by more than 6,500 buying organisations within Europe. The main platforms handle more than 50,000 tenders each year. More than 250,000 full tenders have been handled (from planning through contract) since 1999. The CTM platform allows authorities to manage tenders in full compliance with EU Directives and national legislations.
The platform meets all EU requirements for electronic procurement solutions, as well as all national and European standards in the field: PEPPOL online validation of digital signatures, e-catalogues, CEN / BII, etc. CTM has been independently audited to be compliant with EU directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC.
CTM’s is a “National System“ through competed central government licenses and via national framework agreements in four countries; the UK, Lithuania, Norway and Ireland; and it is used extensively also in other EU Member States, e.g. Denmark, France, Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain and others.